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Scott J. Shedler, IAO, NYSAA President 2019-2020


Scott Shedler’s message at his installation ceremony was simple – challenge yourself to do better.

Shedler was named the 75th president of the New York State Assessors Association (NYSAA) in September 2019, and he shared that message during a moving speech following his swearing in. He has served NYSAA in a variety of capacities, but now that he has assumed the presidency his main objective is to challenge the NYSAA members to be better, to work together, and to achieve common goals in an effort to strengthen the organization.

“When you work together toward something greater than yourself, you find meaning and purpose,” said Shedler, who has overcome life-threatening health issues to reach his current position. “When you continue to place the team first, everyone benefits. I realize that sometimes our industry can be tedious and the process doesn’t always produce excitement or the results we desire. 

“The fact remains, however, that you are alive and you have a calling to do something with the rest of your life starting now. The challenge is there. I have proven I can do it and so can all of our members. We can use our hearts, minds, and hands to build something bigger than ourselves. If you see something that doesn’t look correct in the process, don’t wait for someone else to fix it. Do it yourself and make a difference.”

Shedler said he looks to football coach Rob Mendez for inspiration. Mendez has made a difference and so has Shedler, who has served as the assessor for the Town of Ramapo for many years in addition to his work with NYSSA. Shedler’s duties and responsibilities as assessor, along with his work with NYSSA, have given him a unique insight into the intricacies of the job, and now he hopes to make the kind of impression that will push his members to change the way they approach their jobs.

“Our time is now,” Shedler said. “The future belongs to those who prepare today. Prepare and work to do the impossible. Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” Be that person and do that thing. We live in service to our family, our churches, our town, and our county. We should focus that service on how many people we help each day and not how many likes we get on social media.”


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