IAO Awards

Message from the IAO Awards Committee Chair

The Institute of Assessing Officers is proud to present to the membership the following list of possible awards for our deserving peers. We will consider your nominations and let you know if there will be a presentation at the Fall Conference. Nominations for any of the following awards should be submitted no later than June 15 to

Denise Trudell, IAO
Chairperson, Awards Committee  



This award is presented to an IAO member or non-member who, in the opinion of the Chair of the Board of Trustees of the Institute, has provided distinguished and valuable service to the Institute and the Chair of the Board.
1996 James E. Culver
1997 Michael R. Spiegel
2000 Nathaniel A. Jackson (2016)
2002 Anne M. Sapienza
2004 Bryan J. Monaghan
2005 John Gamage (2015)
2005 Patrick J. Duffy
2006 Roger E. Tibbetts
2014 Roger E. Tibbetts
2015 Lawrence Quinn

2016 Denise J. Trudell

2017 Denise Spaulding

2019 Edye McCarthy

2019 Anne Sapienza


This award shall be presented to the IAO member who has exhibited extraordinary commitment and achievement while a member of the Institute. This is clearly demonstrated by years of service to the Institute in proactively achieving a higher level of education in our profession. This commitment to education was evident not only in their own achievements, but by how they helped others.
2003 Michael R. Spiegel
2008 David W. Briggs
2011 Susan C Otis
2013 Roger E. Tibbetts

2017 Andrea Nilon

2018 Thomas Frey

2018 Anne Sapienza

FELLOW MEMBER (Article III Section 3)

Fellowship shall be bestowed upon members in recognition of outstanding services to the profession or to the Institute. Fellowships shall be awarded only to members proposed by the Board of Trustees and approved by the membership.
1961 Joseph J. Lennox (1978)
1962 John F. St. George (1975)
1967 Arthur L. Bergren (1980)
1967 Alfred Schimmel (2006)
1971 Luke W. Pauly (1997)
1972 Douglas G. Cronk (2003)
1974 Julian Utevsky (2006)
1975 John H. Way (1983)
1980 George J. Hill (1986)
1981 Lawrence D. Benton (1989)
1982 C. Warren Porth (1995)
1985 Thomas G. Payne (2007)
1988 Joseph J. Taggart
1991 James H. Howarth
1992 Elliot Glaser (2002)
1996 Robert Osias (1998)
1998 Nathaniel A. Jackson (2016)
2000 Thomas A. McManus
2003 Michael J. Fogarty
2005 Richard H. Hubner
2007 Michael Spiegel
2008 Andrea Nilon
2012 Thomas Frey
2013 David W. Briggs
2014 Cathy L. Conklin

2015 Susan Otis

2018 Nathan Gabbert

2019 Roger Tibbetts


This award is presented to an IAO member who has served the IAO with many years of distinguished and dedicated service as an instructor. 

1988 Alfred Schimmel (2006)
1988 Julian Utevsky
1993 Thomas A. McManus
1993 Robert Osias (1998)
1996 Joseph J. Taggart
2003 David W. Briggs
2008 Thomas Frey
2013 John Zukowski
2015 Steve Ruelke
2016 Nathan Gabbert
2016 Anne Sapienza

2019 Cathy Conklin

1998 Susan C. Otis
1998 John McCarthy
1998 Saratoga County Assessor's Association
2015 Maureen Wetter
2016 Warren Wheeler
2016 Denise Trudell

HONORARY MEMBER (Article III Section 5)

This membership may be awarded to non-member persons of renown and distinction who, in the opinion of the Board, have made a major contribution to the advancement of the assessing profession, or have performed an unusual and valuable service to the Institute.
1961 Albert W. Noonan (1987)
1963 Joseph A. Coyle (2001)
1967 John H. Way (1983)
1967 John O. Johnsen
1967 Sanders A. Kahn (1987)
1976 Edward A. Lutz (1987)
1982 Stanley W. Warren (1994)
1998 Prof. Nelson Bills
2005 David Layne
2005 John Zukowski

1996 Nathaniel A. Jackson (2016)
1997 Thomas W. Masten


This award is presented to an active or retired member or non-member who, in the opinion of the Board of Trustees, has demonstrated great personal and professional character and integrity, and who has been instrumental in the development, coordination, promotion, and delivery of the Institute’s education programs. Such persons shall have been a member of the Institute of Assessing Officers for at least ten years. (first offered 2015)
2015 Shirley Bement (2016)
2016 Larry Quinn

2017 Patricia McVee

2018 Deborah A. Eurich

2019 Lawrence G. Quinn


This award is presented to a retired member or non-member who, in the opinion of the Board, has provided continued service to the Institute in the promotion of the goals of the IAO.
1988 Edwin R. Parkot
1988 John A. Stanwix
1993 Prof. Nelson Bills
1998 John Zukowski
2003 Stephen J. Harrison
2014 Fred Pask


This award is presented to the author of the best original article written by a member of the NYSAA that was published in the IAO Journal in the past year.
1978 Nathaniel A. Jackson (2016)
1980 David A. Arlen
1982 Edwin R. Parkot
1986 Gregory D. Blaisdell
1990 Richard H. Hubner
1997 David W. Briggs
2009 Roger E. Tibbetts
2011 Nathan Gabbert


This award is presented to an Institute member who has served with the IAO with many years of distinguished service and whose character, integrity, and skill have promoted the goals of the Institute.
1988 C. Warren Porth (1995)
1990 Donald P. Franklin (2005)
1991 Shirley D. Royak
1993 Margaret I. Ciamarra (2006)
1998 Michael J. Fogarty
1998 Elliot Glaser (2002)
1998 James H. Howarth
1998 Thomas A. McManus
1998 Robert Osias (1998)
1998 Joseph J. Taggart
2000 J. Craig Surprise
2006 Thomas O'Donnell
2009 Thomas Masten
2011 Anne Sapienza
2013 Mathew Joseph
2014 Deborah Eurich
2014 John Gamage (2015)
2016 Darren W. Colton

2017 Mario Arevalo

2019 J. Todd Wiley

LIFE MEMBER (Article III Section 4)

Life membership may be awarded to members who retire from service and who, in the judgment of the Board, merit special recognition for valuable services. Such persons shall have been members for at least ten years, Charter Members, or chair of the Board of Trustees. It shall not be given to Fellow Members as Fellowships include life membership.
2000 Natale T Amato
2000 Michael J. Fogarty
2000 William J. McIntyre, Jr.
2000 Margaret I. Iacomini (2006)
2003 Richard H. Hubner
2014 Shirley A. Bement (2016)