Membership Benefits & Form

Why Become a NYSAA Member?

Join more than 800 fellow assessors and assessment professionals throughout New York State and become a NYSAA member today! Or, scroll to the bottom of this page to enroll by mail.


  • Networking opportunities with other assessors and assessment officials throughout New York State.
  • Representation at New York State level on assessment issues, particularly on policies and legislation that affect assessors and taxpayers. Positions given on proposed Real Property Tax Legislation by NYSAA Legislative Committee.
  • Representation at other governmental organizations such as the NYS Association of Towns, NYS Association of Counties, and NY Conference of Mayors.
  • Discounted registration fees for Continuing Education Courses, One-Day Seminar continuing education courses, Annual Seminar on Appraising, and the Annual Meeting and Seminar on Assessment Administration.
  • Scholarship opportunities to attend the Annual Seminar on Appraising and the Annual Meeting and Seminar on Assessment Administration.
  • Bi-monthly copies of the “Bulletin,” the New York State Assessors Association’s newsletter.
  • Opportunity to achieve New York State’s most prestigious assessment designation – Member of the Institute of Assessing Officers (IAO). Qualifications are based on work experience and knowledge.
  • Assistance given to assessors through the NYSAA Mentoring Committee.
  • Leadership opportunities through service on NYSAA committees or the Executive Board.
  • Employer and peer recognition through the Awards program.
  • Affiliation with the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO).
  • Retired and lifetime status for long-time members that meet certain qualifications. 
  • And many other benefits.


REGULAR MEMBERS include assessors and assessment staff within the local assessor's office, as well as those responsible for valuation or administration of real property issues for assessment purposes. This membership category also includes government appointed or elected assessors and their staff and retired assessors. Regular Members may serve as officers or members of the Executive Board and have full voting rights of the Association.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERS are individuals other than regular members with an interest in supporting the avowed purpose and successful operation of the Association. Fee appraisers, tax representatives, media personnel, Board of Assessment Review members, county directors, and employees of county or state government are in this category. These members don’t serve as officers or members of the Executive Board and, with the exception of Real Property Tax Directors, don’t have voting rights of the Association. 


Still not convinced?

Example of Cost Savings

(Sample cost, your cost may differ depending on your situation.)



One Day Seminar                       $150.00

Basic Course 2                            $550.00

Registration, Fall Conference   $275.00 

TOTAL                                          $975.00


Regular Member Dues (1 Municipality)                              $100.00

One Day Seminar (FREE for NEW members, save $110)    $  0.00

Basic Course 2                                                                         $470.00

Registration, Fall Conference                                                $175.00

TOTAL                                                                                       $745.00

New members save $230.00!